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Are you starting or did you recently start a family and want to make sure your wishes will be followed? Congratulations on your growing family. In the unfortunate circumstance that something happens to you unexpectedly, creating even a basic estate plan could save your loved ones a great deal of grief. Reach out for a consultation to discuss how attorney Stephen Stewart can help.

Are you getting older and regretting putting off creating your estate plan? There’s no better time than today to right that wrong. Passing away without at least a basic last will and testament could cause your loved ones to experience an enormous amount of stress and potential conflict as they try to settle your estate. Furthermore, your wishes will not necessarily be followed. Rather, the rules set by the state will determine how your assets are distributed.

Are you a business owner who wants to make arrangements for your company in the event of your death? Being a small business owner or a part of a family business is a rewarding career path. However, things can get tricky as owners age and pass away. If you are a small business owner, it is especially important for you to complete an estate plan so that your interests in your business are distributed in a way that makes sense and follows your wishes.

Most Common Case Types

Last Will & Testament

Living Trust (Revocable Trust)

Irrevocable Trust

Pour-Over Will

Advance Health Care Directive

Financial Power of Attorney

Estate Administration


Life Insurance Matters

Family Businesses