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Sticky situation related to your employment or employees?

Speak with a lawyer who has represented both sides.

Are you an employer navigating a new challenge with your employee or employees? If you are going through a growth stage or downsizing, having the opinion of outside counsel is always a safe bet. If you are facing a more specific issue concerning one or a few employees, you definitely want to engage counsel. You can reach out for a consultation to discuss how attorney Stephen Stewart could be helpful.

Are you an employee who is facing discrimination or considering a career change? Attorney Stephen Stewart has protected the rights of employees facing hostile work environments, termination, and other challenges. If you need to negotiate severance or a separation agreement, he can help you maximize the compensation and benefits you receive while limiting your exposure.

Are you a business owner looking to hire your first employee(s)? Congratulations on your success and kudos on wanting to do things the right way from the start. Rather than fearing legal fees, fear the expense of making a major mistake because you did not have experienced counsel to guide you through the minefield that human resources can be.

Most Common Case Types

Employment Agreements

Restrictive Covenants

Severance Agreements

Separation Agreements


Hostile Work Environment

Sexual Harassment

Benefits Plans

Hiring Practices

Firing Practices


Human Resources