Civil Rights

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Were your civil rights violated?

Civil rights laws are complicated. Speak with an attorney today to understand your options.

Are you unsure of whether what happened to you is a civil rights violation? Don’t worry. This is common. The rights guaranteed to us by our federal and state governments are complicated by nuanced statutes, codes, and case law precedents. A civil rights lawyer can help you complete an accurate analysis of your situation. The first step is to reach out for a consultation.

Are you worried that it will be too much hassle or you will face scrutiny if you complain? This is also a common reaction to having your civil rights violated. A civil rights attorney can also protect you from retaliation, harassment, or other forms of backlash when you challenge an individual, business, or government agency for violating your rights.

Can you collect money damages for civil rights violations? The most important remedy is to stop the violation of your civil rights if the bad acts are ongoing. But yes, it is possible to sue in federal and state courts for damages you suffer as a result of civil rights violations. Like any other civil cause of action, you will need to prove your case by a preponderance of the evidence and establish damages. Attorney Stephen Stewart can help you evaluate your case.

Most Common Case Types

Employment Discrimination

Hiring Discrimination


Hostile Work Environment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Protestor Rights

First Amendment Rights

Fourteenth Amendment Rights

Excessive Force & Brutality

Illegal Searches

Illegal Stops

False Imprisonment

Housing Discrimination

Religious Discrimination